West Powellhurst Elementary Pre-School

2022-23 Registration is now CLOSED

Hello Families:

We are incredibly fortunate to be able to provide a new preschool program to our three and four-year-olds!  The preschool is in partnership with David Douglas and Preschool For All. We believe that by partnering early with families we can support your child through their educational journey together.

Your child must turn 3 or 4 years old before September 1st and your family needs to live within the West Powellhurst school boundaries to be eligible.  Although we would love to be able to serve all children who are interested, we only have space for 18 children.  Please go to our website to apply or click the links below. 

WP Preschool Online Application:

This online preschool application will collect the applicant’s information online for the first step in the process.  In July we will start to review all applications. By the end of July families will be notified if they were selected to enroll in the program. If selected, we will call the families to arrange for a registration/enrollment packet to be given for completion. Registration is a multi-step process for preschool because we have limited slots available. Below is a summary of the process:

  1. Complete the online preschool application
  2. Applications will be reviewed for the selection process starting in July
  3. During the application review, priority will be given to 4-year old students and/or siblings of current WP students as there is limited space, but if there is space we also accept 3 year olds.  We also consider the balance of age, gender, etc.
  4. You must live in the West Powellhurst attendance area to attend the West Powellhurst preschool, we cannot accept variances, or students outside our area 
  5. If the application is accepted, the family will be contacted to complete a registration/enrollment packet. Some applicants will be put on a waiting list.
  6. Preschool is on a staggered start schedule. Information for incoming preschoolers will be mailed home to families.
  7. Preschool will be a full day.

This overview is based on a typical year.  Please know that there may be changes based on health and safety requirements related to COVID. 

If you have any questions, please call our office at 503 256 6509 or email me at susan_olds@ddsd40.org

Thank you,

Susan Olds, Your WP Principal