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Internet Safety and Cyberbullying

Kids can experience cyberbullying and threats or harassment online from social media, games, apps, and chatting with friends. Make sure you and your children are well-versed in internet safety and how to handle cyberbullying if it happens.

Please remember that we have a “no cell phone” policy at school. If your child must bring a phone to school, it needs to stay powered off and in their backpack. We prefer students not bring phones, however, as they can pose a distraction and we do not want them to get lost or stolen. If there is an emergency at home and you need to get in touch with your student, the most efficient way to contact them is to call the office.

If your child experiences cyberbullying, remind them of the “Stop – Walk – Talk” method that we use at school. When using this method online, a student should tell the person who is bothering them to stop; they should leave the game/app/social media platform, and they should report the incident to the moderator and to their parent.

  • Are you on the fence about buying your child a phone? Consider getting them a flip phone instead of a smartphone. Your child would be able to contact you when you are not together but they will not have access to the internet and all of the potential problems the internet poses.
  • Do you read your child’s texts? If you don’t, you should! Remember that kids “hang out” online, and they need to be supervised in the same way that they would need supervision in a public place.

Here are some useful resources to help you navigate the subject of internet safety yourself and when talking with your student.

Cyberbullying warning signs and questions parents should ask their kids about internet safety:

Most popular social media apps:

Contact information for reporting cyberbullying or harassment to games, apps, social media platforms, etc: