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Logging into Google Classroom

For instructions on how to log in, please refer to this document: Login Information

Your child’s classroom teacher has your child’s student ID and password if you are unsure of what it is.

For a video guide:

Logging into the Dashboard/Google Classroom (English)

Logging into the Dashboard/Google Classroom (Cantonese)

Contacting Our School Counselor

Ms. Espinosa, West Powellhurst School Counselor

Office Hours:

Monday- Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm

Ways to contact Ms. Espinosa

Email address:

Phone: 503-256-6500 extension 3350

Ms. Espinosa can speak with students and families via conference call using Google Meet or by phone. To arrange a time to speak with Ms. Espinosa, please email her directly (see above) or call her office phone and leave a message. Voicemail will automatically be forwarded to Ms. Espinosa’s email.

Four Articles for Families: About Teaching at Home

7 Guiding Principles for Parents Teaching From Home

Understanding the “why” behind teaching practices can help parents create meaningful and effective at-home learning opportunities during the pandemic.

The Neuroscience Behind Productive Struggle

Challenging tasks spur the production of myelin, a substance that increases the strength of brain signals. Here are four strategies to incorporate productive struggle into your lessons.

5 Home Learning Experiences for the Elementary Grades

Activities that incorporate speaking and listening, reading and writing, math, music, science, art, and drama—and are parent-friendly.

DIY Ways to Meet a Child’s Sensory Needs at Home

Occupational therapists and trauma-informed teachers weigh in on how to create sensory tools and spaces with what you have at home.